Q:  Are Concordia Colleges affiliated with the Board?
A:  Yes, all campuses of Concordia Colleges are affiliated with respective Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE)

Q:  Do I require NOC from previous Board?
A:  Yes, you will have to provide NOC from the previous board (if applicable).

Q:  Is Concordia conducting pre-classes for F.Sc. preparation?
A:  Pre-classes are held every year for 6 weeks at each campus for first year. The date of commencement is announced immediately after matric exams. Please check the website for details of subjects taught and start date.

Q:  Can I apply for admission in I.Com/ ICS if I have done Matriculation with Biology and Mathematics?
A:  Yes you need to have taken Mathematics for your Matriculation examinations.

Q:  Where should I apply for admission?
A:  Please Visit your nearest Campus. More more information regarding our campuses location or disciplines, Please call us at 111-232-266 Ext 169/170.

Q:  What subjects should I opt for in F.Sc. if I wish to get admission in an engineering university?
A:  You should apply for admission in Pr-engineering with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Q:  Do you provide any transport facility?
A:  YES! Transport facility is available.

Q:  What is the minimum attendance required in order to take the Board Examinations?
A:  You will be required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance for a whole academic year in order to take the Board Examinations.

Q:  Where I can purchase books and uniforms?
A:  Books and uniforms are available for purchase at discounted rates at the college shops.