Incentives for High Achievers

Concordia Colleges aim to attract and encourage talented students to work hard and maintain excellent results in their examinations. In recognition of their achievements, Concordia Colleges will provide special incentives and rewards to students who excel academically.  Students securing top positions in their respective Intermediate stream in any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Examination will be awarded laptop computers. Students will also be granted attendance and distinction certificates for their punctuality and outstanding performance during the session.

Students are encouraged to participate in sports and co-curricular activities and will be able to win medals, shields and cash prizes in such competitions. Quizzes, debating contests and drama and musical festivals will also be held by respective societies. Special scholarships are occasionally announced by the Government or other independent organisations and individuals; Concordia Colleges will assist their students in applying for these scholarships.

Merit Scholarships and Concessions

Concordia Colleges offer Merit Scholarships to the top ten position holders in any of the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in the form of a 100% tuition fee waiver. In addition, each Concordia College Campus offers Merit Scholarships to students with the highest marks in their respective programme, as indicated on the First Merit List of that campus. The marks must be greater than 60% in the Matriculation exam to be eligible for this Scholarship. These students will receive a 50% tuition fee concession. Concordia Colleges will also grant fee concessions to deserving students at the time of admission. These concessions may be renewed for each subsequent instalment of the fee. Students will be required to apply to the Principal of the respective campus to avail this facility.

Special Fee Concessions

Students who have completed their Matriculation or O Levels from any branch of Beaconhouse Schools or The Educators will qualify for a special tuition fee concession of up to 50%. Such students must satisfy all other admission requirements of Concordia Colleges to be eligible for this concession.

Brother/Sister Concessions

Concordia Colleges offer a special tuition fee concession to siblings studying in any of the college campuses. One sibling will have to pay the full tuition fee while second and subsequent siblings will be able to avail a tuition fee concession of up to 25%.

General Regulations

Students receiving scholarships must maintain:

• 75% or better attendance at ALL times in every class

• 75% or better scores on monthly tests and send-up and pre-board exams

• A record of good discipline

If a student fails to meet any of these criteria, the scholarship will be cancelled and the student will have to clear all remaining tuition dues. No appeals to reinstate the scholarship will be permitted. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that he/she maintains a record as defined above.

The scholarship will continue into the second year based on the first year Board results. The student must score equal to or better in the first year compared to his/her Matriculation result to continue the Merit scholarship for the next year. All of the conditions stated above will also apply in the second year.